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Saakashvilli's plan.

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Hollywood screenwriters has finally got a 100% ‘bad guy’, the ‘root of all the world’s evil’. Up to now this place was taken by the raging Islamists and soviet KGB agents – gloomy military men in ear flapped fur hats. Hollywood hasn’t been enthusiastic enough to cast the present day Russia for this role partly because the cold war is seemingly over and partly because the ‘Evil Empire’ is actually a liberal state with a pretence for democracy.
Browsing the recent articles in The Daily Telegraph, The NY Times, The Washington Post, The Times or The Guardian, an average Euro-American fellow is faced with the Main world aggressor, Democracy abuser and Small countries offender – Russian Federation. In the eyes of the world community this very country is the one to blame for numerous crimes among which we may find the direct blackmail of the EU over gas and oil, imposing political power over Belarus and Kazakhstan and as a pinnacle of the universal tyranny – deceitful attack on Georgia. Poor little republic has just stepped on a path to the prosperous capitalism, strives to integrate into NATO and EU, in a word, is a loyal ‘democratic’ country – so why does Russia wants to hurt it? The absolute majority if not all of the western media has a clear answer to this question: Russia needs to regain full control over former Soviet republics. They say that the cornerstone of the problem is a gas-oil-pipe coming through Tbilisi. According to the western press Russia aims at conquering this ‘Caucasian stronghold of democracy’ to become the European energy monopolist. All mentioned above seems logical except for one – it was Georgia which triggered war against South Ossetia on the night of the 8th of August. But naïve pro-western media simultaneously (as if conducted from above) gain that Georgia fell victim to the well-planned cunning Russian provocation aimed at squashing this small but proud and unbowed republic. The main media source for the EU and US press still remains to be a ‘clever and handsome’ Georgian president Michael Saakashvilli. British and American TV channels favour him with their expensive airtime and he, in response, with the regularity to be envied presents his ideas in ‘flawless English’ with EU flag on the background (apparently, Saakashvilli isn’t even aware that his country is not a member of this organization which surely doesn’t want to see the aggressor among its members). Here’s the summary of Saakashvilli’s view of the situation: Georgia doesn’t want war and has long ago stopped all its military actions, but the Russian peacemakers continue bombing Georgian territories and killing civilians. Polls in London streets prove that people believe Mr. Saakashvilli. And this is not surprising taking into consideration that Russian view on the situation is absolutely ignored by the western media. It seems that the only way for Russia to be heard by the international community is Vitaly Churkin’s (Russian permanent representative to the U.N.) attempts to address the U.N. Security Council. His well-grounded statements are blocked by the prejudiced Irakly Alasania и Zalmay Khalilzad (Georgia and US representatives respectively). As for Saakashvilli himself it could be said that all his late public speeches were a mere lie well-written by his strong allies and rehearsed in front of Condoleezza Rice during her recent visit to Georgia. After making a statement that he will not use force against South Ossetia on the 7th of August the aggression was committed a few hours later in violation of all his former promises. Then the world faces the situation when Mr. Saakashvilli reports that all Georgian troops are withdrawn from South Ossetia. Everyone sighed in relief – the war is over. Everyone but for Russian troops who were still under attacked by Saakashvilli’s military men. The situation is worsen by Saakashvilli’s addresses to the renowned world’s democracy spreader in his attempt to bring NATO forces in fight against Russia. You don’t have to be an expert in any field to understand that the US will never directly attack RF. America made it clear that it will give only verbal support to their close ally in the Caucasus.
So what is Saakashvilli left with? Georgians will surely analyze the mistake made by their government and their president who sent troops to kill civilians in South Ossetia which could have led to even worse results for Georgia if it was not for Russian-French mutual attempts to open Saakashvilli’s eyes on the situation when he put the lives of his countrymen at stake.

Angelina Nikishina
Oleg Chursin

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